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The Underlying Model of Leadership

Leadership is about individualising not universalising.

It is responding to the specific needs of an individual rather than behaving in standard, generic ways.

Watch following video to get an overview of this unique NEEDS approach.

It's all about Needs

Leadership is complex. It is not realistic to expect one person to be “getting it right” for his/her colleagues no matter how many leadership courses they have attended. Leadership is likely to be most effective when viewed as a partnership between the leader and the led. When people are willing to engage and take ownership for being led rather than sitting back and expecting the team leader to be solely responsible for leading.

Do I pass ownership for my health to my doctor? Of course not! While the doctor is a significant resource in maintaining my health, I am responsible for my own well-being. Do I pass ownership for my appreciation and motivation levels onto my team leader? This happens in the “entitlement” culture where staff blame others for not meeting their expectations and often do little themselves.

At the heart of the An Even Better Place to WorkTM solution is this engagement of colleagues and people taking ownership for their issues and Satisfaction @ Work levels. This will only work in a culture where people are open, welcome feedback and connect with each other’s needs. It is precisely this culture that An Even Better Place to WorkTM is designed to create.

It is in the context of joint responsibility for leading and being led that leadership across the company grows. This model of shared leadership will not only improve satisfaction levels for your staff but will free up your managers’ time to focus on the strategic side of their role.

The question constantly asked is “What am I going to do?” not “What is management going to do?”


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