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The history

The roots of An Even Better Place to WorkTM were planted more than 10 years ago, when we were running a series of workshops on leadership and culture across parts of Siemens, BAE Systems, PepsiCo Foods and others.

People loved our courses but expressed concern that the changes may not be sustained once they get back into the workplace.

To meet this need, we created activities that the team leaders could undertake with their teams to sustain the mindsets and behaviours exemplified in the workshop. This was the beginning of our Speed Training activities.

As technology advanced, we were able to put these activities on line and created worksheets people could complete and email to each other. We began to add technology to strategy.

It wasn’t long before we were asked about measures, specifically how to measure the impact the activities were having on leadership and working relationships. That’s when we introduced the Satisfaction @ Work indicator.

We have continued to develop our solution ever since - always listening to users, inviting feedback and modifying and developing the system according to the needs articulated.

Our approach to An Even Better Place to WorkTM has grown from the ground up, not from some academic model or theory - this is its strength. It has been designed around what organisations told us they needed, making it friendly, practical, useable and with a direct impact on performance and profitability.


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