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We are proud that 85% of our clients renew the “An Even Better Place to WorkTM” service every year. This the greatest award for our team because your success is ours!

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Why An Even Better Place to Work?

Yorkshire Water

"An Even Better Place to WorkTM has provided me & my team with the tools to measure where we are and more importantly how we move forward. The tool kits create a safe environment to talk about how we feel and assist each other in addressing any problems that are impacting on our working life. Over time the culture of ownership and accountability has grown to a point where the needs of each other are understood and respected and allow room to create solutions where needed. From a time management perspective I find that my team work better with me & each other with less moaning about what doesn't work but instead talking about what could work!"

Vicky Farrell - Team Leader

BAE Systems

"What I love about An Even Better Place to WorkTM is that it’s both top down AND bottom up. It works for the business and for the individual too."

Sarah Cooper - Head of HR


"A powerful, innovative way to engage staff - we got some very important issues onto the table."

Trisha Western - Head of Training & Development

Safe Move

"An Even Better Place to WorkTM has done wonders for me personally inside and outside of work. I think it is a great programme to have managed, open and honest conversations with your colleagues and understand what really matters to them and yourself. I love the fact that people have to take ownership on the issues/problems that arise and make goals to resolve them. In my team, we have played all the games more than once, we have now tried to put a different slant on it to make our own games up to incorporate with the programme. This has been really useful and we are now concentrating on going round different groups to interact and to see where we can help them. Another area where I struggle is receiving positive feedback but I'm sure using this programme I will soon be less embarrassed about receiving it and I will cope better in this circumstances."

Melody Thwaite - Senior Advisor

Siemens Traffic

"The programme had real impact on the bottom line – we were able to resolve issues with key customers which, left unresolved would have cost us money."

Karen Meaden - Organizational Development



"You have given us a tool to engage our staff. People are more involved and we have less finger pointing."

Tina Freeman - OD Manager


"So little administration and great value for money."

Terry Reid - Senior Learning & Development

Safe Move

"Since our team started An Even Better Place to WorkTM we have come a long way. We take our Satisfaction @ Work indicator every 3 months and in our groups we discuss our areas of concern and are now comfortable at accepting feedback from one another about any issues we may have whether positive and negative. The program has helped us all understand different personalities in our team e.g. one team member may not like receiving positive feedback but another may rely on positive feedback for motivation.
Through feedback from a colleague regarding me lacking confidence in certain areas, the team shared their views and with an Even Better Place to Work I had to decide 'do I stay like this?' or 'do I choose to do something about it?' I decided to do something positive and put myself forward to help with planning the main event of the year at work and my confidence is much better when dealing with both internal and external customers. I now feel ready to take on more challenges.
It took a while for our team to get used to an Even Better Place to Work but we all agree it has helped us come a long way!"

Angela Kay - Safe-Move Advisor

The Executive Foundation

"It's an extraordinarily effective and outrageously priced system that delivers big."

Mike Wilsher - Managing Director

Maritime Coastguard Agency

"Without doubt some of our people who were not ‘natural’ leaders, have benefited enormously from this programme."

Ken Gordon - Head of Training


McCormick Europe

"People really enjoyed the activities and we have fewer people problems now."

Jim Morrisroe - Vice President

Uniq Foods

"Great value to the business."

Lochlain Feeley - Managing Director

Management Consultant

"An Even Better Place to WorkTM should be an integral part of the practice and processes within every company that values staff engagement."

Shona Garner - Management Consultant

FutureWork Forum

"This is so much more than another HR programme. It's a business-driven lifestyle for the 21st century organisation."

Mike A Johnson - Founder



"An Even Better Place to Work has been invaluable in improving morale and employee engagement. The best part is that it is a simple tool to use and the results provide measurable data that improve motivation and performance in teams."

Brendan Noonan SVP L&D Emirates


"This a wonderful tool, easy to apply and just makes plain common sense - ingenious!"

Jenni Jones - Head of Organisation Development




"The results of An Even Better Place to  Work were clear.  I found that a team of high performing, motivated professionals were managing themselves.  My role was simply to nudge and steer.  It enabled me to focus on my strategic role and put my efforts where they could really have an impact." 

Steve Milton - Head of Community Governance

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