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Absenteeism down from 12 to 4 days over a two year period

Cross Keys Homes is Peterborough’s largest Housing Association, managing over 10,000 homes.

The Need

Absenteeism was Cross Keys Home’s biggest area of concern with the average number of days absence per full time employee at 12 against a sector benchmark of just 5 days.

Cross Keys was looking for a solution that would involve staff taking ownership - thus furthering the organisation’s employee engagement agenda.

The Solution

An Even Better Place to Work was chosen as the solution. It is designed to improve staff satisfaction levels and hence lead to a reduction in absenteeism and attrition rates. It was seen as meeting the ownership need, as An Even Better Place to Work is driven by individuals and team leaders, not HR or management.

The Results

Inevitably, the An Even Better Place to Work solution had mixed responses, some people were highly engaged and others less so, but the vast majority were willing participants.

Soon, people began to initiate conversations with their colleagues about real work and relationship issues and the scores of the 7 An Even Better Place to Work indicators started to show improvements.

Since introducing the programme

  • Absenteeism has reduced from 12 to 4 days
  • Achieved Investors in People silver
  • Listing in the Sunday Times Top 100 companies to work for

Mick Leggett, the CEO attributes these successes to An Even Better Place to Work. “The programme has made our place of work happier, more fulfilling for all and ultimately, more productive and high performing.”

Lisa Glendy, the HR manager concludes, “We now have a culture of greater openness, trust and collaboration, a culture where people feel valued, engaged and take ownership”.

Staff Quotes

“At first I was a little unsure about how my team would respond to the activities but after a few sessions they really opened up and have taken more responsibility for resolving their own problems and invite feedback.”

“I find my team a lot happier and there is a stronger bond which results in us pulling together more.”

Absenteeism Charts


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