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Success Stories

Keeping Morale High in Difficult Times

There have been a number of Finance Change Programmes in the last decade that have progressively reduced the number of staff employed. “We recognised that it was going to be a very big challenge to maintain our current levels of service delivery whilst going through change. Change brings with it anxieties about job security, redundancies and increase our staff stress levels.

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Creating The Right Enviroment

When Phil Winrow took over as Head of Business Finance, at the Environment Agency (EA) in 2008, he knew immediately that something needing to be done about culture; things weren’t working as well as they could do. “We had a legacy”, he explains. “Whenever you come in you’ve got a set of people who do things their own way, who can’t see there is a wider impact.

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Absenteeism down from 12 to 4 days over a two year period

Mick Leggett, CEO of Cross Keys Homes, attributes these successes to An Even Better Place to Work. “The programme has made our place of work happier, more fulfilling for all and ultimately, more productive and high performing.
Lisa Glendy, the HR manager concludes, “We now have a culture of greater openness, trust and collaboration, a culture where people feel valued, engaged and take ownership”.

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Driving up the Bottom Line

The decision to introduce and cascade the An Even Better Place to Work solution at Siemens, was as Karen Meaden recalls driven by "the need to increase our profit by 10% over 2 years”. “It was a simple business imperative. We saw that in order to do this we needed to improve the way people were managed and interacted with other departments - this would improve our efficiencies and in turn contribute to improved profit.

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Over Achievement of 73 %

Since introducing An Even Better Place to Work four years ago, Safe-Move (part of Yorkshire Water) has seen its absenteeism and attrition rates improve. There has also been measurable improvement to productivity response times and customer satisfaction levels. In the year 2013-2014 the Safe Move bottom line has over-performed by 73% above target.

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Customer Satisfaction Increased by 3 % in just 3 months

Customer Satisfaction (picture)

After just three months using BP2W, the Customer Care Team of Lush Digital Ltd has been dramatically transformed. Customer satisfaction has increased from 92% to 95%. Escalated complaints have reduced significantly. “The time I lose on people issues has reduced from around 60% to less than 10%.” said Tracy Macey - Group Head Customer Experience.

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Staff Costs Down

Cost Reduction

After just 18 months of employing ‘An Even Better Place to Work’, Barley Lane Primary School has recorded impressive results in raising educational standards.  Staff are now visibly calmer and less stressed. Self-management has improved considerably.  As a direct result of improving teacher attendance, Barley Lane Primary School has made significant savings in costs related to employing supply teachers.  This money is now being put to better use for the benefit of the school and its children

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