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Step-by-step Journey

Click on the circles to see the step by step process for rolling out An Even Better Place to WorkTM.


  • Complete the Registering A New Company form
  • BP2W pre-registers everyone and agrees a reporting structure

Complete Satifaction @ Work

  • 28 questions measuring 7 key areas facing organisations today
  • Provides a baseline and used to track progress
  • Takes less than 5 minutes
  • Colourful, easy to interpret reports
  • Reports are available immediately
  • Data is always current

Review Satifaction @ Work

  • Team meets to review scores

Decide & Record Goals

  • Team and personal goals decided and recorded

Decide Activity Schedule

  • Team agrees a programme of activities to improve scores
  • Order and subject related to needs indicated by Statisfaction @ Work report

Run Team Activity on a Regular Basis

  • Choice of Speed or In-Depth sessions
  • Friendly, practical and interactive
  • Facilitated by team members

Supplementary Indicators

  • Provides in-depth data for team to review
  • Team goals decided and recorded

Problem Solve Needs

  • People invite and give feedback to their colleagues
  • Conversations prompted by the service
  • Personal goals decided and recorded

Retake Indications to Track Progress

  • Monthly comparisons are available
  • Data for individual, team and whole company
  • Data highlights areas where interventions need to be made


  • Success can be celebrated at individual, team and company levels

Today, “An Even Better Place to WorkTM” is run successfully with 13000 users.


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