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The Satisfaction @ Work Index

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Satisfaction @ Work Index: A Measure and a Solution

The Satisfaction @ Work IndexTM provides you with gauges on your organisation’s performance levels by measuring seven key indicators of employee engagement and leadership. You instantly receive a picture on “health” and performance levels across the business and allows organisations to identify and deal with issues early so they don’t develop into a crisis.

This is not a survey that your staff complete and then sit back with the expectation that management will sort things out. It is a tool that highlights areas of concern and indicates where interventions need to be made by the individual.

Traditional Survey 

  • Comments on management, the organisation and the culture 
  • 50% response 
  • Time delay as results are collated 
  • Management take ownership for improving things. 
  • Managers busy, little happens, and staff moan "What's the point". 

Satisfaction @ Work Index 

  • Invites feedback on individual needs 
  • 95% response 
  • Results immediately available 
  • Individuals take ownership for improving the quality of their work life. 
  • Teams meet to review their scores, set personal and team goals. 


A measure and a solution, which means management doesn't have the problem of what to do with the results and staff are engaged in taking ownership for improving the quality of their work lives.

Lays the foundation for a collaborative model of leadership which eliminates the You versus Me attitude and breeds collaboration across the business.

Key features 

  • Measures engagement and leadership 
  • On line, 5 minutes to complete 
  • Data current and immediately available 
  • Data available at individual, team and company levels 
  • Tracks progress on re-take 
  • Easy to interpret charts 

Watch how An Even Better place to WorkTM helps individuals connect, improving the quality of your teamwork through the Leadership Dashboard.


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