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The Leader as a Worth Creator

21 September  2015

Leadership is about individualising not universalising.  Learn what to say and do so you get the best from the different personalities in your teams.

Article written by Shay McConnon and published by Training Zone

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Winning Work Relationships increase Performance

30 January 2014

An even Better Place to Work focuses on the individual. Just as in a Formula one Team where a nanosecond can influence the results, it’s really up to the team to create the difference.

Article published in French in Trends Tendances Magazine

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Bending the golden rule to improve working relationships

March 2014

Don’t be shy about asking questions such as “Am I getting it right for you?”, “Do you feel I understand you?” or “Does this work for you?”…and vice-versa so we problem solve in a collaborative manner.

Learn about Shea Heaver, Regional Director US’ viewpoint. Article published in HR.Com

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A rewarding company

19 April 2014

Meeting the business needs of your employees is key to drive engagement, motivation, trust, ownership, profits while reducing conflicts, disputes, stress, sickness, staff turnover, …

Article published in French in La Libre Belgique

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