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We seek, select and maintain partnerships with world-class providers of products and services that have a coherent fit with ours. We make alliances based on the sectoral fit, but most of all according to the resonance of values and ambitions.

We are proud to work in close collaboration with the following companies who are also certified in the “An Even Better Place to WorkTM” Transformational Staff Engagement solution:


Nexum is an international consulting firm based in Brussels, Paris, Lausanne and Luxembourg, specializing in the development of men and women, teams and organisations. Faced with the challenges of an ever-changing market, businesses have to adapt and evolve. With this in mind, Nexum aims to provide organisations with customized HR solutions, to enhance motivation, commitment and the contribution of teams to the business objectives, as well as improving the welfare of employees to ensure sustainable performance.


Culture Consultancy specialise in organisational cultural alignment, cultural change and people engagement. We believe that in a commoditised world, competitive advantage and business success can only be delivered by getting the best out of people. We therefore create alignment between business strategy and the people through whom it will be delivered.” Considered by our clients to be 'intelligent' and 'hands-on', we are business results led and people engagement focused - creating alignment, engagement, ownership and action.


A L Consulting is an innovative and effective organisational development consultancy that helps organisations to refocus their strategic thinking and change the ways in which their people approach work by harnessing their natural creativity to the processes of innovation. Our work is designed to transfer ownership to the client.


Stamford Global a leading professional training and conference organizer in Europe, delivering cutting edge business events. The company created the Winning Project Team course, which utilizes BP2W solution helping project teams to align towards project objectives and create a better team synergy among themselves in order to successfully complete critical projects on time, on budget and to specifications. Considering the self-organizing nature of BP2W solution the Winning Project Team course is particularly well appreciated by Agile teams, where people take ownership for their issues and work. The course is also aligned with ®PMBoK 5th edition, registered at ®PMI and participants are qualified to collect 14 PDU points.


TWI logo 2016

Teamworking International is a management and leadership training company operating in the Middle East. Our emotionally intelligent learning approach combines the latest groundbreaking research in neuroscience with positive psychology to demonstrate in a highly practical way how “mindset” has an astonishing impact for you, your team and your whole organisation.

3E Performance Logo The central challenge that confront organizations is how to translate Strategic Intent into organizational outcomes effectively, especially when this depends on layers of people at different organizational levels.  3e Performance is a performance improvement firm that helps individuals in organizations perform to their utmost potential, thereby enabling their organizations to achieve breakthrough performance. We make the truth that people provide the only sustainable source of competitive advantage for organizations come alive, in a demonstrable and measurable way. Our brand is built on the fact that all that we promise are measurable.

Qualia Consulting is specialized in the human aspects of management. One of their focal points is the co-piloting of persons in re-orientation situations, to stimulate their mental resources.
Other activities include: Mediation – Recruitment – Management Teams & Company Strategy Implementation - Burnout and Creativity seminars as well as the NextGeneration® concept for Successful Succession planning. With the BP2W (An Even Better Place to Work) activity they aim to give the companies a clear view of the needs of individuals and their teams on a larger scale and to allow them to work together optimally to a common goal.



AS Training (logo)

AS Training (International) Ltd is a Management and Leadership Training and Consultancy company operating across the UK and Europe .We offer both accredited and non-accredited training for staff development improving performance from the shop floor to board level. Our Leadership, Coaching and Mentoring programmes are accredited through the Institute Of Leadership and Management (ILM).  With the BP2W (An Even Better Place to Work) activity now an integral part of our offer, we can give our clients a clear view of the needs of individuals and their teams on a larger scale and to allow them to work together optimally to a common goal.


If you want to become a McConnon International Partner, please contact us at: partner@mcconnonint.com


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