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Iain Johnston

Regional Director Africa

Iain has over 30 years’ experience in business development, strategic planning and business change management. In addition he is experienced in the development, measurement and management of both sales and employee engagement and performance that results in increased effectiveness and efficiency in the generation of business revenue.

Born in Scotland and raised in Zimbabwe, he came to South Africa in 1978, where his entrepreneurial spirit drew him to creating and developing new ideas and businesses through a structured and people orientated strategic management process that ensures financially effective and measurable results.

Iain has worked with many companies in South Africa, as well as in East and sub Saharan Africa in developing strategy, delivering key note and workshop presentations on leadership, sales management and Searching FOR Customers™, a programme designed on the discovery and understanding of the mechanisms, motivations and sentiments of the players that complete the cycle of Finding, Obtaining and Retaining customers.


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