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New BP2W Platform coming soon

Don't miss the brand new version of BP2W, the world's unique employee engagement solution!  New tutorials, news system look & feel, responsive on mobile devices, ... Want to test how the platform can make a massive difference to the quality of people's work lives?  Please contact us for a free demo at: info@mcconnonint.com


Shay McConnon is leading a masterclass on leadership on the occasion of the 2018 edition of the HR CONGRESS. Save the date and join us in Brussels on 28 November.  More info HERE.

ARTICLE: What is BP2W?

BP2W is a fast track to collaborative relationships.BP2W is a proven on-line, self-managed tool for growing leadership, developing teams and improving the quality of work life for everyone. It is not so much a programme as a business tool that creates collaborative working relationships and prevents people problems from ever arising.  Learn more HERE.

LONDON SHOWCASE - Save the date

The business case for having employees engaged has been made (David McLeod) but organisations struggle to create it.  I shall be giving you the How To when I speak about my masterclass on Engagement for the Unique Speaker Bureau on 24 September in London. You will also see other great speakers talking on key issues for…

Summer Time!

Hello to Summer!  Enjoy every moment!  The BP2W Team

ARTICLE: Leadership is...

Leadership is responding to the specific needs of an individual rather than behaving in standard, generic ways. Watch following video to get an overview of this unique NEEDS approach.

Rock your Worplace Culture - Webinar

Looking for a different approach to creating a high performing culture of openness, trust and collaboration?  Watch following webinar  with our partner, CAFE STYLE ACADEMY.

The Business Show 2018

Shay will be talking about the importance of engaging workforce culture at The Business Show 2018 at ExCel London on the 16th and 17th May 2018. More information HERE.

How to Build Workplace Relationships

Watch interview of Simon Sinek talking about how to build workplace relationships.  His approach has connections with the essence of our BP2W online solution.  Click HERE

Best Wishes

May your home be warm and toasty, full of joy and happiness, we wish you health, prosperity and all good things!

Creating Collaborative Relationships

When processes aren’t working, everyone sits up and takes notice but when relationships aren’t working, they are somehow seen as interfering with work. Really, relationships are every bit as much a part of work as processes are. They too need to be engineered and tweaked.  Collaborative relationships don’t just happen…

The secret of motivating people

The secret to motivating your people is not written in this article, it is not in seminars books or DVDs. It is locked away in your people, in their values, beliefs and needs. Each of us has a unique set of motivational drivers and unless the job is aligned with these, it will be difficult for us to feel motivated.  Learn more about…

Understand, resolve, prevent conflict

The payoff for managing differences effectively is not only that people can spend more time concentrating on the job, but also that communication will be improved and more positive, open and collaborative workplace relationships can be built.  Learn some more tips HERE.

Time Gained on People Problems

Testimonial from Mrs Tracy Macey Head of UK Digital Lush Digital Ltd: “We implemented An Even Better Place to Work (BP2W) as soon as we were able to take the team out of the office for the initial 2 day foundation course. The course itself was hugely beneficial in helping team members to understand one another, and to realise and…

BP2W Discovery Session

Employee Engagement, Wellbeing, Culture and Leadership are among the top concerns!  An Even Better Place to Work provides the tools to achieve all of these.  Join us for a half-day Discovery Session.  Shay McConnon will guide you through all activities (diagnostic, measures, solutions, …).  This is run in…

Getting to grips with conflict

The most common pitfall, when challenged or criticised, is to justify with a "Yes, but …".   The most natural and instinctive thing to do is to explain these reasons.  Big Mistake though!  Read Shay McConnon’s article about: Getting to grips with conflict.


For those who did not have the opportunity to attend Shay’s workshop at The Meetings Show in London on 14 June, here is a snapshot of his interview and key points about his views on ‘Employee Engagement’ issues. Click HERE.


Shay McConnon be speaking at The Meetings Show on 14 June, as part of the three-day education programme covering everything from using social media effectively, to what Brexit will mean for our industry! It’s an unmissable opportunity to connect with peers, and develop your knowledge and skills. Register FREE: http://bit.ly/2qzjoqB

Put an end to the Blame Culture in your Team

How to eliminate the blame culture so prevalent in companies today? How to grow ownership across your business at all levels? ‘An Even Better Place to Work’ helps you embed the “What am I going to do?” not the “What is management going to do?” mind-set into the DNA of your organisation…

Meet with Lorna Shaw, BP2W Expert

The BP2W Team has missives of talent and experience. And this is our pleasure to introduce them to you. Today, we would like to put the spotlight on Lorna Shaw from the Midlands.  Read her interview conducted by Rod Cornwell HERE.

BP2W Discovery Session on 25 April

Want to make your place of work An Even Better Place to Work?   Join us on our upcoming BP2W discovery session in London on 25 April.  It is a 3-hour practical workshop to get immersed in our leadership and engagement business tool: complete the indicators, take part in the interventions, track progress, and learn from current…

Counting the Cost of Conflict in the Workplace

Every employee brings to the workplace a mass of emotions, perspectives, opinions, needs and wants which may be very different from those of others.  The resulting conflicts - whether expressed or unexpressed - can, however, be very damaging to business.  An unhappy workforce leads to greater stress, increased absenteeism, low…

Book your Keynote NOW!

Is LEADERSHIP among your good 2017 Resolutions? Why don’t you run a 1 hour keynote with your teams to energize them right from the start?   Whether you are looking for... developing greater levels of engagement creating a feedback culture resolving conflict reducing absenteeism growing leadership across your…
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Season’s Greetings

Let us work together to create an even better place to live and work in 2017!  Happy Holidays to you all from the BP2W Team!

Leadership: It's all about Needs!

The secret to get the best from your people is to connect with their needs. This is precisely the vision and principles of Shay McConnon. Indeed, when our needs are not met, we disengage, absenteeism increases, we have higher attrition rates and staff will be unhappy. These are telltale signs that leadership is not working.  To take…

Looking for a World-Class Speaker?

Happy to share with you Shay McConnon’s new web site.  An interesting place full of resources, testimonials, videos about Shay’s keynotes on Leadership – Employee Engagement – Culture.  Among his most popular keynotes: Winning Relationships Conflict to Collaboration Leadership Magic Getting the best…

LAGOS BUSINESS SCHOOL experiencing BP2W on MBA programmes

Dr Akin Oparison is a Senior Fellow at LagosBusinessSchool and takes courses on Leadership, Human Behavior in Organisation Change and Organisation Development. He recently introduced An Even Better Place to Work (BP2W) with his MBA students who used it in their own organisations. Learn more about their feedback HERE.

BP2W Discovery Session on 21 June 2016

Want to make your place of work An Even Better Place to Work?   Join us on our upcoming BP2W discovery session in London on 21 June.  It is a 3-hour practical workshop to get immersed in our leadership and engagement business tool: complete the indicators, take part in the interventions, track progress, and learn from current…

Transforming rather than Informing

Join Shay McConnon at the ISLE Leadership Day on June 7th for a hands-on session on “Transforming rather than informing”. Learn about the “HOW TO” of leadership. It’s not about the theory of openness, trust, collaboration. It’s about how to create these realities in your teams. More information about the…

Article: How can we solve problems so everyone wins?

Thanks to HRZone (www.hrzone.co.uk) for publishing Shay’s recent article: How can we solve problems so everyone wins?  Explore the concept of resolving unmet needs i.e. conflict.   If people don’t take time to explore needs they may deal with wants or symptoms instead of with the root cause.  Download article HERE.

Meet us at Stand#202 at the CIPD Conference

High Force Training Ltd, BP2W Accredited Business Partner, is exhibiting ‘An Even Better Place to Work’ (BP2W) at the CIPD Learning & Development Exhibition on 11 & 12 May.  Meet us at Stand # 202 Join the very best of the L&D profession at this year’s show for insights and solutions that will help…

Shay's Blog

Looking for innovative, simple and practical ways to engage your teams, improve leadership skills to contribute to business performance?  Join Shay’s blog HERE.  You will find no theory, rather concrete tips and strategies, and answers to your questions about: Leadership – Employee Engagement – Culture.


Our last e-newsletter was about ‘Developing Leadership, not just leaders’.  Did you miss it?  No worries.  Click HERE to download it.  Register on www.mcconnonint.com to receive the next one.

ARTICLE: Leader as a Worth Creator

Thanks to TrainingZone (www.trainingzone.co.uk) for publishing Shay’s recent article: Leader as a Worth Creator.  Shay analyses what it takes to be a leader of worth.  The secret to your leadership success is not written in this article, it is not in seminars, books or audio programmes. It is locked away in your people. …

Employee Engagement - The NHS Choices

“NHS staff have some of the most critical but demanding jobs in the country.  Creating healthy and supportive workplaces is no longer a nice to have, it’s a must-do.”, said NHS England CEO.  Yeovil District Hospital NHS Foundation Trust started using “An Even Better Place to Work” as a solution to…


How to improve the quality of work life for everyone? Employee Engagement, Wellbeing, Culture and Leadership are among the top concerns!  An Even Better Place to Work provides the tools to achieve all of these.  Join us for a half-day Discovery Session.  Shay McConnon will guide you through all activities (diagnostic,…

Discovery Session: Staffing - Management - Morale

Join our upcoming BP2W Discovery Session in Newcastle on 8 February.  The workshop is run in collaboration with our business partner: AS TRAINING LTD.  On the agenda: Staffing – Management – Morale These are most of the topics that will be covered, with not only the ‘WHAT’ but also the…

SWALLS Conference

Shay McConnon is talking at the SWALLS conference for Principals and Headteachers on 29 January.  Focus is made on: “Creating Special People who will give you Special Results”.  SWALLS is the association for leaders in special education.  More information HERE

Keynote at IMS London

Leadership is about people. It is about rapport, communication, loyalty, trust, influence and performance. Leaders are able to get more from the people they work with. Shay McConnon is invited by the Institute for Management Studies on 26 January to talk about the Language of Leaders. Read more HERE

The ‘An Even Better World’ Song

Many thanks to our BP2W Accredited Consultant, Peter Sadler and his music friend for composing the ‘An Even Better World’ song.  The lyrics capture the essence of our BP2W solution.  And this is our pleasure to offer it to you in this festive season!  Enjoy:  https://youtu.be/g2HzqNdtU84
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Season’s Greetings

Great Start for January, Love for February, Peace for March, No worries for April, Fun for May. Joy for June to November, Happiness for December.  Have a lucky and wonderful New Year from the BP2W Team.

BP2W: a toolkit to create successful working relationships

An Even Better Place to Work (BP2W) is a toolkit that provides the ‘HOW TO’ that creates constructive conversations to improve working relationships and create a happy, motivated and highly engaged workforce.  Posters, Game Cards, Work Sheets, … all you need to put your teams at work, develop a culture of feedback…

Happiness Congress

Shay McConnon keynoted at the Happiness Congress (Het Gelukkigste Congres van Nederland 2015)  on 12 November in Zwolle (the Netherlands).   There is a growing awareness of the importance of happiness not only to the wellbeing of staff but to the wellbeing of the organisation.  Watch following video of his presentation on:…

‘Appreciation at Work’ Activity - Sample

Appreciation for some people means a thank you sincerely meant, for others it will be more responsibility. If you give the ‘thank you’ person more responsibility, they are likely to feel dumped on, not appreciated. One of the most common complaints heard in organizations is “No-one shows any appreciation around here&rdquo…

BP2W: A Tool to measure Human Capital

Thanks to Shea Heaver, our Regional Director U.S. and Canada, operating under the Satisfaction at Work brand, An Even Better Place to Work (BP2W) is featured in the latest  article in Entrepreneur in the 5 Tech Tools to Measure Your Business' 'Human Factor'.  The author stating: "an engaged employee is a happy employee, and happy…

HR Companies to Watch in Employee Engagement List - #HRWINS

A great validation of ‘An Even Better Place to Work’ recently included in 2 categories of the prestigious #HRWINS list: 'Pulse Surveys’ and ‘Team Network Analytics and Dynamics'.  The full report, infographic and list of companies can be seen HERE. President of LAROCQUE company in charge of #HRWINS List stated…

Newsletter: October 2015 Edition

Want to be kept informed about the development of the ‘An Even Better Place to Work’ leadership solution?  Want to receive valuable resources (tips, advice, expertise, …) with regard to topics such as: leadership, well-being and satisfaction at work, employee engagement?  Feel free to subscribe to our quarterly…

Developing Leadership not just Leaders

Join Shay McConnon at the Workforce Analytics Summit in London on 13 October for a 'HOW TO' session on: Developing Leadership not just Leaders.  This highly engaging opening keynote session will guide you through some really practical, hands-on examples about how you can drastically improve on morale and motivation, reduce absenteeism…

'HOW TO' Sessions: Leadership - Engagement - Well-being

Do you know what drives performance among your teams? What do they value the most? Salary? Challenges? Relationships? Responsibilities? Do you regularly check with them? We are all motivated by different things, and therefore cannot be led in the same way. Filing up with the most effective ‘fuel’ is key to make a business grow…

Vote for Shay McConnon as THINKER of the Year

Every two years, Thinkers50 produces the world's most prestigious ranking of management thinkers. And 8 thinkers are honored with Distinguished Achievement Awards.  Want to nominate Shay McConnon, creator of the world's first self-managed, on line (but not e-learning) culture and behaviour enhancing solution: An Even Better Place to…

Open Session: Put an end to the blame culture in your team

Research suggests that only 31% of employees are engaged at work! That leaves 69% who roll over and repeatedly slap the snooze button each morning because they have no emotional bond to the organization that pays their salaries each month.  HOW CAN YOU PREVENT THE OTHER 69% REACHING ACROSS AND REPEATEDLY HITTING THE SNOOZE BUTTON? …

Transforming rather than informing

Join Shay McConnon at the ISLE Leadership Day on June 18th for a hands-on session on “Transforming rather informing”.  Learn about the “HOW TO” of leadership.  It’s not about the theory of openness, trust, collaboration.  It’s about how to create these realities in your teams.  More…

BP2W Infografic

Discover the ‘An Even Better Place to Work’ infografic and learn about the 7 steps to create greater levels of Engagement.  Apply the following seven key indicators in your Leadership Approach for a well-led, motivated and highly productive workforce.

Get Accredited for BP2W

Want to improve the quality of work life for People?  Help organisations make substantial savings? Grow a business and generate a substantial passive income? Join us on 23 & 24 April in London for a 2-day "An Even Better Place to Work" (BP2W) Accreditation Workshop. Get accredited for a unique Leadership and Engagement Tool that…

DISCOVERY SESSION: The HOW TO of Employee Engagement

The business case for Employee Engagement has been made but many organisations are struggling to create high levels of engagement.  Join us for a free 3 hour session in London on 23 April and discover how companies like Siemens, Emirates, BNP Paribas, the Environment Agency, the NHS have reduced absenteeism, improved employee…

The 'How To' of Employee Engagement

Join Shay McConnon at the Elite Business Conference on March 18th (9.15 - 10.00). Shay will be talking about the 'How To" of Employee Engagement. Engagement is a way of being, of working and of doing business. It is about engaging with the job, colleagues, the leadership and mission of the organisation. It is multi-faceted and complex.…

Profiles for Success - Conference Report

At the last “Profile for Success” Event, conducted by Benchmark for Business, Shay McConnon addressed the serious topics of conflict, mistrust and other difficulties at work which create inefficient behaviours and which, in turn, have a negative impact on profit, performance and motivation. The keynote focused on how to build a…

Upcoming BP2W Accreditation

Achieve new levels of insight and professionalism; become an accredited “An Even Better Place to WorkTM behavioral consultant!   Join us on 26 & 27 February 2015 in Brussels for a 2-day "An Even Better Place to Work" (BP2W) Accreditation Workshop.  More here.

Upcoming BP2W Discovery Sessions

Is Employee Engagement among your good 2015 Resolutions? Why don’t you join us on one of our upcoming Discovery Sessions and assess by yourself how you could benefit from the ‘An Even Better Place to Work’ Business Tool. Spend 3 hours with our team and learn how to get greater levels of engagement, how to develop a…

Join the 'Profiles for Success'

Join the Profiles for Success with Shay McConnon  in London, on 4 February.  Shay will be sharing the platform with Battlefield Leadership. Shay will explain how to create openness, trust and collaboration in our relationships; how to convert conflict into collaboration; and identify the indicators for making our companies better…
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Season's Greetings

Best Wishes for Happy Holidays and a magnificient New Year! from the whole BP2W Team

Teamworking International exhibiting BP2W

Don't miss this opportunity to join our BP2W Accredited Business Partner, Teamworking International Ltd, who will be exhibiting 'An Even Better Place to Work' at the London Capital Club on 1 December as well as at the Engaging Employees Conference at the Museum London Docklands on 2 December.  More here.

A morning session: GROWING LEADERSHIP

IMAGINE your people highly engaged, feeling valued, motivated, taking ownership for their own issues, managing differences and talking to each other rather than about each other. What difference this would make to morale and productivity? What impact can junior and middle management have in creating a productive and engaged work…

An Engaging Event: Leading the People in the Business

“Research suggests that only 31% of employees are engaged at work! That leaves 69% who roll over and repeatedly slap the snooze button each morning because they have no emotional bond to the organization that pays their salaries each month.” How can you prevent the other 69 % reaching across and repeatedly hitting the snooze…

THE FIXER - Managing in the Middle

"Every new manager should be given this book to read" If you've just been promoted, or you're about to take your first steps in management, there are some things you need to know. Now that you landed the job, you need to figure out the best way to do the job; for your company, your customers, your co-workers, and…

Listen to Iain Johnston on Unique Speaker Bureau Africa!

In Conference with Michael Jackson from Unique Speaker Bureau.  Michael Jackson is one of the world’s leading business speakers and regularly interviews thought leaders on his radio programme in South Africa.  Last July, he was with our Regional Director South Africa, Iain Johnston.  Listen to the radio spot for a 15…

Shay McConnon at 5th Annual Nordic Project Zone Summit in Copenhagen

The secret of taking your leadership to the next level does not lie in books or seminars. It lies in your people, in their criteria for considering you a good leader. Do you know the leadership criteria of your people? How do you find out their criteria? How can their criteria be met? Leadership is complex, so complex it is not fair for…

Let's meet at the People Innovation Summit in Brussels

Mihaly Nagy, our Regional Director Eastern Europe, will be keynoting on Why EQ matters at the People Innovation Europe Summit in Brussels on 22-24 September. He will be exploring how positive emotions and EQ in leaders help to drastically and immediately increase engagement, morale and motivation and overall performance at the workplace. You will learn some interesting ideas that you can take back to the workplace and put into action to increase your leadership effectiveness. The People Innovation Europe Summit aims to address HR transformation, change management and how leading companies work on reconsidering the role of their HR department to better to a fast-evolving social and economic environment. See more at: www.peopleinnovationeurope.com.

See you in booth 215 at SHRM Annual Conference

The Annual SHRM conference is billed as "the best - and biggest - HR Conference in the world" and we are very pleased to say we will be first time exhibiting attendees at this years event. From Sunday June 22nd to Wednesday June 25th we will join more than 700 other exhibitors and over 14 000 attendees at the Orange County Convention…

ABP Workforce Experience Awards 2014

Mr Shay McConnon is finalist of the ABP Workforce Experience Awards 2014 in the category: “Excellence in Employee Engagement”. Awards Conference is scheduled for 15 May in London.  Want to assist and meet with Shay?  Book your place now. The purpose of the Workforce Experience Awards is to “Celebrate Excellence…
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