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Concerns and Objections

Team leaders can lose large chunks of time managing poor quality relationships at work. The great thing about An Even Better Place to WorkTM is, it will actually free up your managers’ time as team members resolve their own issues and become less dependent on their team leaders. It is leadership through engagement.
An Even Better Place to WorkTM is designed so there will be no additional burden of time or effort on any one person in your organisation. In fact as the programme progresses and impacts on behaviours, there will be a generic freeing up of time for all your staff as there will be less moaning, misunderstanding and conflict and much higher levels of collaboration.
Your people can expect to enjoy coming to work more and to find fulfilment at work rather than outside of work.
Initiatives can struggle because they are seen to be management’s agenda. An Even Better Place to WorkTM is about the individual’s agenda and hence will create a pull rather than the push effect for you.
People can react to the latest ‘flavour of the month’ as it usually involves even more work for managers. An Even Better Place to WorkTM frees up your managers’ time and is a systemised leadership programme that will get you immediate results.
You can decide whether you want An Even Better Place to WorkTM to have a high profile or move quietly through the company – people can just get on with the programme in pairs, in teams and then across teams, even to suppliers and customers.
The only formal time commitment is to the activities which take approximately 60 minutes per month or 15 minutes a week. Compare this to the time cost of arguing, misunderstanding and conflict.
On average, employees spend the equivalent of 12 days each year dealing with conflict in the workplace – significantly more than the time lost to absences. Employers typically spend a total of 13 days on each disciplinary case and 9 days on each formal grievance submitted. (Willmott and Purcell CIPD Impact issue 28).
The real question may not be whether you have time for this programme but can you afford the time lost through dysfunctional relationships by not having this programme.
If you want to get people committed to something rather than compliant, it must be in their interest. An Even Better Place to WorkTM is about connecting with the needs of individuals and improving the quality of work life – it is obviously in the interest of your people.
Initially your people may not be aware of this but once they start to engage they will quickly realise how it benefits them. This creates the pull rather than the push effect.
Companies have made scoring in the green high performing area of the polar chart a performance objective for managers. This can stimulate managers to engage and in turn to engage their teams. We find that, once engaged, people experience the benefits of the programme and want to continue.
It is critical this programme has the support of your senior team. If the only message heard from your senior team is about the business needs there is the danger your people will feel undervalued and disengage.
An Even Better Place to WorkTM is about connecting with the needs of individuals so the business needs can be met more effectively. Of course the business need is the priority but this requires motivated people which is the consequence of having personal needs met at work.
Not only must your Senior Team actively promote the values behind An Even Better Place to WorkTM but by giving your people time from the ‘day job’ to run this programme, they will give a powerful valuing message to everyone - leading to higher levels of engagement.
By taking part in the programme the Senior Team will demonstrate they value the mindset and the behaviours promoted by An Even Better Place to WorkTM.
The Satisfaction @ Work Index is not primarily for your managers to have a measure and then they decide on actions. It is for your people, so each person can have a baseline, decide actions and measure progress.
It is a tool for everyone, a tool that aids ownership and equips your people to take responsibility for improving the quality of their work life. It is not only a measure but a solution especially if you use it with the speed training activities of Level 2. If your company already uses a survey that works, An Even Better Place to WorkTM can act as a solution to the people issues thrown up by the survey i.e. An Even Better Place to WorkTM could ‘partner’ the survey.


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