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Culture Transformation

How to eliminate the blame culture so prevalent in companies today? How to grow ownership across your business at all levels?

Embed the “What am I going to do?” not the “What is management going to do?” mind-set into the DNA of your organisation.

With culture transformation programmes, ... management usually define the culture, communicates this to its people and then hope to see a transfer to behaviours. It is common practice. Yet such initiatives often fail because they are seen as meeting the agenda of management or the company rather than the best interests of the individual. An Even Better Place to WorkTM will appeal to the self-interest of your people and hence maintain long term sustainability and success. People transformation will be at the heart of your company's transformation. By changing the culture at micro levels (one to one) An Even Better Place to WorkTM moves across teams and eventually impacts your entire company. This is in stark contrast to the majority of company initiatives.

A further weakness with many company initiatives is their dependency on external agencies. Take away this support and the initiative falters. An Even Better Place to WorkTM is owned by your company and your people, not by external consultants or trainers. From the first moment of registration, every step is delivered internally by your people. Team members run activities, teams decide on the modules and frequency of meetings and your people take ownership for improving their Satisfaction @ Work scores.


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