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Achieve new levels of insight and professionalism; become an accredited “An Even Better Place to WorkTM behavioral consultant!

“An Even Better Place to WorkTM is an online transformational staff engagement solution (not a staff survey) that allows employees to manage, take responsibility and ownership of meeting their own needs across seven key indicators. “An Even Better Place to WorkTM” is different in so many ways to other culture programs. It is owned internally, works from the inside out not top down, and is holistic and aligns with existing organizational processes. The diagnostic data is in real time and differences are felt immediately. It allows to identify disengaged staff and more importantly ways to re-engage them. It is 5% diagnostic and 95% solution.

Get Accredited for a unique Leadership and Engagement Tool that will set you apart in the Market Place!

Workshop Summary & Impact Areas

This intensive practice-oriented 2-day accreditation workshop is addressed to Trainers, Educators, Counselors, and anyone operating in the ‘professional coaching & training’ areas interested in human behavior and performance.

More about the agenda HERE.

Learning Outcomes

Participants in the accreditation will learn to:

  • improve the quality of work life for people
  • help organisations make substantial savings
  • grow a business and generate a substantial passive income


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